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Thank you!

Client's Testimonials

Susan and Peter Svensk

Peter and I have known Cynthia for over 30 years but, little did we know she has hidden and amazing talent. Thankfully, this talent is no longer hidden as one of her earlier works graces the wall of our dining room. Her use of color and ability to capture a moment in time, makes her work lovely, evocative and compelling. Her work inspires great emotion, and reflects, the quality of the person she is.

Client's Testimonials

Janice Tessen

Cynthia's art is moving to me which is why I commissioned her to paint two florals in my bedroom. The colors are so vivid I feel that I could reach out and touch the flowers. I look forward to seeing all her work .

Client's Testimonials

Kris Bhatt

What a beautiful surprise early birthday gift from my hiking buddy, very dear friend, talented artist and beautiful human being. I have several paintings done by Cynthia that I absolutely adore. 

Client's Testimonials

Crystal Cook Chan

We feel lucky to have a pastel painting that was commissioned with Cynthia. She painted what we asked for adding subtle details that made our piece even more special and personal. It is unique and something I will be proud to display prominently in our home no matter where we may move. I hope to be able to add another piece  very soon. 

Client's Testimonials

Barry Sultanoff

Through the wonders of social media, I've become a big fan of your art. Though we may never meet, you've touched my life. This painting of yours, it reminds me of Eliot's poem.

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